Art is an Expression of Truth

Art is an Expression of Truth

Art is an expression which has its own unique language. Each art has its own language and it communicates its meaning. By looking at the finest piece of art it can be felt that it is trying to speak to you. It can be sensed that a work of art is trying to speak to you so you should let it talk to you. If you listen carefully the silent expressions and words of the art you can see its shades of truth. Work of art is a prestigious symbol and it can be characterized as a prince and it makes it necessary to treat with honour. Whenever you come across any piece of art first visualize it as a prestigious character of a prince and wait to hear the words it has to say.

“Treat a work of art like a prince. Let it speak to you first.”
— Arthur Schopenhauer

Every eye cannot witness truth and vision provides the capability to see beyond worldly parameters. People with a vision are able to see and feel things which ordinary minds cannot visualize. What a person with vision senses is invisible to the rest of the world. Vision is a form of art which permits a person to foresee reality.

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”
— Jonathan Swift

Art is a symbol of beautifying truth and reality. With art truth will always shine under a veil of beauty and will be there forever to mankind. Art makes miseries and truth to be presented in a way which cannot cause an ugly death. Art is there to serve humans with glimpse of hope and even some deadly truth will not enable death. Art is a beautiful language which even presents bitter truths beautifully.

“We have art in order not to die of the truth.”
— Friedrich Nietzsche

Vision is not a narrow concept but it is a broad lens through which life can be analysed. It is a creative beat or rhythm of life. Vision is a creative rhythm which at the same time is true. It is worth believing to feel the vision as it’s a truthful creative beat about life.

“Vision is the true creative rhythm.”
— Robert Delaunay

Art is the best way mankind present creative ideas. Work of art has its own life which conveys a message of truth beautifully. Vision is catalyst being creativity and it prompts to believe the reality of art work. What a heart can sense through vision cannot be observed by everyone. So believe in the purity of art as the strongest medium of truth.

Anger and its consequences

Anger and its consequences

Anger is an intense negative emotion and when you are under its grip then you should pause for a while. Do not act immediately under the spur of anger rather when the anger is heightening you should revise your thinking. You need to pause for some moments when your anger is rising and then give a thought on the results that you might have to face due to immediate anger driven actions. Anger offsets objective thinking but challenge your brain to think rationally to realize the extent of bitter consequences. but anger should be controlled to avoid the bitter consequences.

When anger rises, think of the consequences.
— Confucius

If you do not pause in anger and do not stop of using words or actions directed by anger then ultimately you have to face shame. Whether it’s a word said or an action prompted in anger then shame is the only consequence.

Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame.
— Benjamin Franklin

When a person is in a state of anger then words are used unwisely. You might say things which might hurt the other person so be careful with your words while you are angry. You must stop for some time and before speaking make a counting in your head so that you can think about your words before speaking. If you are in extreme anger then try not to speak without an appropriate interval.

Anger is an intense negative emotion which can cause use of improper words or illogical actions. Anger blocks the human ability to take rational actions so ultimately the human has to face shame later. It is necessary that you should not burst in anger rather you should control it with intelligence.

When angry count to ten before you speak. If very angry, count to one hundred.
— Thomas Jefferson

There are moments in life when human emotions are distorted. Distortion in emotions often leads to anger which disrupts in an unpredictable manner. The actions or words which are taken in anger are often irrational. Most of the times even the decisions which are taken under the grind of anger results in deep regrets later. Rationality and logic should not be eradicated but anger should be controlled.

Business I Comprehend

Business I Comprehend

Designations have very significance further more it is part of business. When I sit to my designation, my stance commands me to proceed according to chaste professionalism and to lodge out of my mind by all my insubstantial affairs. I behave like a prime practiced person and to sustain this personality is very imperative for my business. Business verve is very different from normal one. According to my acquaintance: “Conviction and pledge has no implied in business”

When I have veteran with business then I truly feel that commitment in trade made to conk out. Businessperson of nowadays is of fabrics; showing proficient approach at official instance and swindle each person when casual. I have read in primaries about business of Apostle of God P.B.U.H; it was true and untainted, which takes it to conquest. Limpidness in trade harms today’s practice of business as it wholly depends on bilk and hoax but the end of a pure business must be coup; guaranteed.

Mannequin face and sound have no professionalism, be pure and factual towards field of life. Act and intonation must be ours nevertheless imitation to be a focus for natives; a professional one gets rid of dummy character, which once created in its eyes, never changed. It affects our business and to acquire sway in souk, these petite tips have importance. Laxity or lethargy for a day or week possibly cause an immense trouncing in business, people in initiative does not take it gravely but when it become decisive so they agonize for gigantic and time departed to recuperate. There are four ways to put up a business plan’ hallucination, aspiration, sketch and execution. To set an ambition and working for its accomplishment is very imperative, in start confront are from our self else from entrant. Every individual has his own judgment; what does he suppose for you are not important but you have to be bothered that his objective must not be detrimental for you in any line of attack. Distraction of psyche may cause a great hammering for anyone in business. Sharp and attractive brainpower is the indispensable prerequisite of big business and vigorous decision-making ability supposed to be in a businessperson otherwise crocodiles gulp down him with his industry. Simply a entrepreneur have to come back with each and every query even he never go in the course of with it by crafting phony respond to show that he has active aptitude to take plunk in marketplace.

Sentiment has no value in business; it has experienced that inhabitants become emotional and bears great thrashing. Tranquil and courteous behavior is the basic need in business. Businessperson has to be diplomatic and try to maintain a mature professional attitude with all. This is the main dot when businessperson loses their worth in market due to amateur and unsympathetic mind-set with patrons and cronies. Attitudes add up great value in marketplace and executive have to look into it.

Posh Boons and Behind the Scenes

Posh Boons and Behind the Scenes

O Yes! This is Ramadan. The month when Lord showered his mercy and clemency on all and to those who fast and prosper for Him, He (Lord) proclaimed worthy welfares in life and afterlife. Everything has set to thriving and burgeoning day by day in Ramadan from Lord to his follower.

Our forefathers were seen to pray and rehearse the Holy Book to pass the time in this month of Ramadan and what we are doing in our time. We have a new trend set since few years as media got liberty and freedom. Expensive sets designed by hefty glass and artwork to broadcast Ramadan transmission on different entertainment channels and it goes in competition between them. Hosts and anchors have been fantasized to be so called ideals and seasonal Islamic scholars. These shows have been sponsored by local and international brands. Dissemination of posh handy benefits in contradiction to self-respect of people called on these transmissions. Ruck gathered at different channels, obviously thousands of stories are part of it too. Few points that rose in mind and after debating this part of Ramadan with few intellectuals, I have some questions. Do these shows follow the Islamic principles? Do the people praying on time even after watching 12 to 14 hours continuous transmissions on television? Do the sponsors participating for the sake of God? Does it better to show programs for Islamic knowledge instead of these shows? What fruitful benefits were being given to the hosts for these shows? People have started waiting for Ramadan to try their luck in these shows. Interesting part of all this has been discussed much. People use to abuse and deny the perception of these shows and the same personal found in the shows being disrespected by the hosts on questions, still satisfied as their interest is in boons but not in reverence.

Now after having research to all these concerns, I have another imperative point in my mind which hits me the most. Do the any third lobby supporting these shows to make the people away from the realities of our religion? I am no one to criticize anybody but I have explanations in raising this issue. It is seen that worldwide media is taking interest in these shows and covering the transmission too, few international brands are subsidizing the shows and dispensing their products. What are their interests in our media and our people? A big reason to think! There should be more reasons in other minds; the thing is whom to speak and whom to listen.

Going against my nature I have point out and assumed the realities behind the picture but I am still not targeting anybody. I have the rights to think about what happening around me. It is just not me but I have collected reviews from practical people who have thoughts on these issues. Concluding to it, I believe we are moving to the end when we can’t differentiate between righteous and wrong.

How Quotes can Make Your Writing Effective?

How Quotes can Make Your Writing Effective?

Whenever it comes to effective writing, you are required to use some influential words, metaphorical phrases and relevant quotes along with the content that can support your undertaken theme or topic. In literature, we have seen quite a numerous examples of acknowledged writers and popular piece of writing that leave a majestic impression on their readers by making the most of wide-ranging treasure of words and quotes.
However, despite the fact that creative writing often emphasizes upon usage of relevant, credible and best quotes and phrases, it has been frequently asked that why one should use these quotes in their writing and weather integration of some factual, practical, social, evidential, observational, inspirational and motivational quotes can result in an effective read for the readers.
Here are some obvious benefits of using quotes in any piece of writing:

  • By using quotes, one can make an impactful opening to the readers
  • Usage of known and acknowledged quotations can build credibility and increase reliability in your writing
  • Sometimes quotes can also be used to add humor or sarcasm where needed
  • Quotes from others’ work can be used to strongly support personal arguments and perceptions
  • Interest levels of readers in an essay are often increased with the use of adequate and relevant quotations
  • It helps writers to close their essays with a point that actually makes the readers ponder upon the entire read.

All in all, quotes can give new dimensions of creativity, credibility and innovation to one’s written work and thus, can be used if effective and interesting piece of writing is required.

Trust is the highest form of human motivation

Trust is the highest form of human motivation

“We human beings are social beings. We come into the world as the result of others’ actions. We survive here in dependence on others. Whether we like it or not, there is hardly a moment of our lives when we do not benefit from others’ activities. For this reason, it is hardly surprising that most of our happiness arises in the context of our relationships with others.”

Humans are social animals who live in a society. They live together and the bond they make with each other is called as relation. Relation between humans are based on some basic elements. Love, faith, respect and trust are some among many elements.

Love and faith are more like intimate elements as compared to trust; Trust is the basic of any relation between two persons; While respect is something which can be given to any unknown person.

Speaking of trust, it is said to be the beginning of phase when two members of a society begins to rely on each other and ending up making a relation between them. However, the extent to which they trust each other defines the intimacy of their relation.

It always starts with small actions that make trust. When two persons get to know each other they start sharing some common interests and responsibilities. When there comes some common matters in the life of two persons they start relying on one another. Hence staring trusting each other with small matters of life.

“Trust is the highest form of human motivation. It brings out the very best in people. But it takes time and patience”

–Stephen R. Covey.

It is a very common observation that trust is something that cannot be built in a short period of time. It always takes time and it always include small actions. By small deeds and righteousness, trust can be built. A wise man once said, “Trust is said to be a two-way road” it’s more likely to say that two hands together make a clap. Being humans we make it hard to trust other with matters especially when there are very personal. But on the other hand, we want others to trust us.

Trust, when broken, changes everything. To know the importance of trust somebody said enough,

“For there to be betrayal, there would have to have been trust first”

Being human, life is all about learning from your mistakes. Everything in your life is important for you to understand and you should know well in order to make a use of them.