Beauty is not just restricted to exterior appearance but it encompasses the inner self of a person’s character. It is not that to look beautiful you need to see the apparent face or structure of physical appearance. Actual beauty lies within a person’s character. Truth is the essence of real beauty and when someone is true to himself or herself then the status of real beauty can be achieved. If someone is true to his or her inner self only then they can feel good. Honesty and truthfulness with self is the true glimpse of beauty and goodness can be touched with it.

“Real beauty is to be true to oneself. That’s what makes me feel good.”

— Laetitia Casta

Truth is like a sparkling light. If you want to love beauty in true form when for that you have to direct your eyes on the light. The light will provide you the right direction and once you will follow the light of truth or the light of strong inner character then you will be able to fully love real beauty. Beauty is beyond physical appearance and for that you first have to see the light.

“To love beauty is to see light.”
— Victor Hugo

Character of quality is enduring. Even if a person’s body grows old the quality character will continue to depict its light of beauty. If you actually want to experience real beauty then you can perceive it with the growing age of person. Getting older will refine real beauty and it will sparkle more due to the strength of character. Real beauty can be perceived and felt in old age too because character becomes the more apparent feature of a person’s soul.

“You can only perceive real beauty in a person as they get older.”
— Anouk Aimee

Clear incidents, clear conversations or clear paths are the most beautiful elements found on earth. The strength of the character intensifies with greater clarity which is the ultimate beauty. The more clear the soul is and the more clear the values are beauty will be immense.

“For me the greatest beauty always lies in the greatest clarity.”
— Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

It can be recognized that the true parameter of beauty is the inner character of a human. It does not, matter how you look physically but the vibes of good character makes the real inner beauty and make it shine in your soul. Be a person of good character and practice kindness that reflects a beautiful heart and soul.