I haven’t seen my patriarchal grandparents, I heard they were very pious, religious and yes why I don’t believe on these confrontations when my maternal grandparents were the same so whom I personally lived with at early age. Apart from it, the motive of the proclamation was neither to express the holiness of my grandparents nor to exaggerate but to know the reason behind it and observing my way of living.

We are living in 21st century where life is so moderate and advanced that we don’t have time for our parents, relatives and fellow beings. We pretend to behave sympathetic and compassionate, but if we think a while about ourselves, we are selfish and I am very much candid in asserting this avowal after experiencing the forum where I am currently surviving. In this time one has been communicated in need. The sweetness of relationships is in books or in history where a smirk from elder one can reflect hearts, hilarity from younger one can make the day, guests were treated like gift of Lord, sneers were true, sadness can be shared without reluctance, events were celebrated by visiting relatives and this whole story I heard from aged people due to the interest of knowing the fact that why we have become zombies of our time. We have a bookmark on us that we are educated, are we? Education doesn’t mean degree I believe; manners and training to be well conduct is compulsory which has squandered somewhere. Life is so busy, not available tags are on, using acronyms instead of full names has become a trend, but abridging names does not mean to fewer the respect of human beings.

One has the curiosity of reaching the unpredictable level, researches and advancements with extreme determination amazed the people of 80s. Some of the inventions are the reasons of mass destruction, but still mindsets are working to go beyond the limits. These negative impact has also been promoted somewhere by media. Media industry has a great impact on our minds and it paralyzed the way of thinking, living and modernizing. It is our feebleness that we follow and we follow on extreme.

However, with all the above negative points, there are so many optimistic opinions too. One from the great thoughts has to live meager in privileged and civilized societies is better than living sumptuous in unprivileged areas. We are true by thoughts, if we help you, we will give you our full of what we can. Life is practical in all aspects. Everyone is well aware of its responsibility, proper follow ups and things get concluded by time. We have strong decision making ability, we want to experience our mistakes even, and however, harmful they have been to us. We trust ourself, we are confident of what we do, we speak boldly.

The endings are not in sense of self-obsession, but a true face of our era wherewithal the adverse opinions we also have honorable views about us. It totally depends on a mindset of how it inhales the way of Life in Era 21.