Limited moments of life can never be elapsed from memory, we would not encountered those characters again who tousled those scenes with us though even don’t reminisce their faces too but the story leaves the marks somewhere in the corner of mind which hits us when we grasp those places again or just pass by. I recall one of such cherished scene happened when the motor bike I bought with all my hoards and a few loans to shun convince problems. It had not been enumerated and I was experiencing the ride on the main road of city frequently used for superior movements with full of swat. Abruptly one of white dressed constable signals me to stop, I was asked to park the bike sidewise and show him the identifications. I stated him that registration is in process and showed him buyer slip.

After few minutes of dialogue I swayed him with my meek performance that I am a student and it is my college direction. “Ok, you can give me some cash and I can leave you for now”, his confrontations. I took out my wallet and disclosed him that I carried ninety rupees with me; I indeed have no delinquent in giving them all and just left the place. I took them out of my wallet and gave over him all; he maxim my face like I am his boss. I was shocked when he moves his hand towards me with twenty and with his unforgettable words to me, “Keep them, you need them somewhere”. I was pleased inside and stunned too, left the place and thought that humanity still there even in bribe.

I know lure is not moral at any aspect. World goes on, time never stays for anybody, things sets to default and we move to our routine but few things can never overlooked. We never came across again but five minutes conversation with the constable give grounding in me that our behavior imitates the minds and changes it to deem kindness.

Stay calm and keep the rousing smile on face, you can win the world.