Five Reasons – Why we use WordPress

Five Reasons – Why we use WordPress

WordPress is the most famous and powerful content management system in the world. It has strong community, has thousands of plugins and templates. It’s easy to deploy and upgrade. It also get automatically upgraded when new version available.

WordPress admin panel is easy to use and manage. In just a click, you can change the look and feel of your website in WordPress. Need to make your website SEO friendly? No problem, just go to plugins -> Add New and Search “SEO”, you will find many plugins, install the most rated plugin and get your website rank well on Search Engines.

There are many reasons to use WordPress, I am just writing down major five reasons which will be enough to take the decision.

1. WordPress is Open Source

Where, nothing is free in this world, but WordPress is free because it’s open source. You can download the source code and customize according your need. But must read the license documentation about your rights.

Because it’s open source, its community is much stronger and contributed their best expertise to make this application stable and reliable. As WordPress is free, there are thousands of plugins and themes are available as free as well. You can make your website LIVE using any good PHP based hosting in an hour. Now a days, almost every web hosting providers provide click to install WordPress feature in their Hosting Panel.

2. WordPress is for Websites not only Blogs

WordPress was initially developed for blogs but as developers can do anything, so it’s being used for making extensive websites having product catalog, classifieds, social media systems, shopping carts etc.

Now WordPress can be used for making any kind of websites, there is no limit. Either you want to create E-Commerce or just a Blog, WordPress is enough for it alone. You just need to identify the best plugin according your requirements.

3. WordPress Websites are affordable

Do you call it cheap? I don’t. It’s just an affordable as it gives you awesome features with minimum cost without compromising quality, it can never be cheap.

WordPress has thousands of plugins and themes free but for some of your specialized requirements it may cost you but comparatively it’s very little cost.

  • PHP based hosting ($5-$10 per month) will be enough to start.
  • Not everything is free, you may need to buy plugins.
  • If you are unable to find plugin to fulfill your specialized requirements, you may need to hire a PHP developer who is experienced in WordPress Plugin and Theme Development.

Note that, 100% free is always a disaster for your business, so always make budget to buy quality tools.

4. WordPress is Customizable

There are two level of customization.

1. Customization without Programming

Some companies have developed Site Builders for WordPress. If you install them then you can create custom designs by just drag and drop. Go to Google and write “Site Builder for WordPress” you will find many to install. Install only those who have good rating and reviews on WordPress. You can also install any plugin, theme from built-in Theme & Plugin browser in WordPress.

2. Customization with Programming

As you may have some specialized requirements, for which you are unable to find plugins and themes, you can take help of a PHP Developer who is expert in WordPress Development. He will be easily able to implement your specialized requirements in your website by making custom plugins and theme features.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Plugins

When talk about website, SEO is always important. Because if there are no visitor on your website, it means there was no need to create website. WordPress has many plugins which provide SEO features for easy to create sitemaps, add keywords to your pages, optimize HTML tags for bots to read your website data easily, compress CSS, JS files etc.

Go to Add Plugin section of your WordPress website and write “Best SEO plugin for WordPress”, install the most rated plugin.


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