Whenever it comes to effective writing, you are required to use some influential words, metaphorical phrases and relevant quotes along with the content that can support your undertaken theme or topic. In literature, we have seen quite a numerous examples of acknowledged writers and popular piece of writing that leave a majestic impression on their readers by making the most of wide-ranging treasure of words and quotes.
However, despite the fact that creative writing often emphasizes upon usage of relevant, credible and best quotes and phrases, it has been frequently asked that why one should use these quotes in their writing and weather integration of some factual, practical, social, evidential, observational, inspirational and motivational quotes can result in an effective read for the readers.
Here are some obvious benefits of using quotes in any piece of writing:

  • By using quotes, one can make an impactful opening to the readers
  • Usage of known and acknowledged quotations can build credibility and increase reliability in your writing
  • Sometimes quotes can also be used to add humor or sarcasm where needed
  • Quotes from others’ work can be used to strongly support personal arguments and perceptions
  • Interest levels of readers in an essay are often increased with the use of adequate and relevant quotations
  • It helps writers to close their essays with a point that actually makes the readers ponder upon the entire read.

All in all, quotes can give new dimensions of creativity, credibility and innovation to one’s written work and thus, can be used if effective and interesting piece of writing is required.